As a certified consultant for Infusionsoft (ICC), I spend most of my day in Infusionsoft applications. I’m developing a new app or supporting apps from customers or myself. With that in mind, I face the nuances of the software every day. It’s not glitches or bugs – you should already know that I think this software is just great. Instead, you need more time to call support than you need to get a response. But they’re good enough when you focus on the best end product, let alone stay efficient and “do it right the first time” so you can “tune it up and forget”. Here’s a list of some of the most common shades and how to use them to avoid breakdowns and save time.

Always use Firefox when using the Infusionsoft app. These days, I believe internet Explorer and Chrome browsers are more stable than Firefox, but when it comes to working in your Infusionsoft app, choose Firefox and always use it. To be clear, you can use IE to work in your Infusionsoft app. However, all programming associated with Infusionsoft works through Firefox – not necessarily through IE (and does not work at all through Chrome). Cm. The following advice is as an example.

Alternative codes don’t work when created in an IE browser. If you need a trademark symbol in an HTML email for a web form, you can create it using the alternative code “ALT0153” (it is not specific to Infusionsoft – it’s a generic alternative code for ™). If you prepare an HTML email in your Infusionsoft app using the IE web browser and enter an alternative brand code, ™ will appear in the drag generator. HOWEVER, the final product will NOT be ™ – it will be a set of characters that are NOT 110% what you wanted to see in the email. Install (or modify) ONE RIGHT, connected through Firefox, and you won’t have this problem after entering the alternative code.

Don’t copy HTML email into an HTML email generator. I recently asked a client to do this, and after that he spent a lot of time editing and correcting the formatting of the letter he was trying to create. I had to say – you can not save – remove and start again.

Put your copy in the text software before you insert it into the HTML email generator. A copy of Microsoft Word looks great in plain text, but it’s not. When you copy/insert a copy of Word into the Infusionsoft app, you often find that the formatting is off and the characters are changing shape. For example, quotes turn into question marks. If you’ve prepared a copy of Word, copy it and paste it into something like a Notebook, then copy it and paste it from there into your Infusionsoft email generator.

Always check emails before sending them. This seems obvious, but believe me, if you use Infusionsoft to the max, you (or someone else) are creating many copies in the system that will eventually be passed on to your potential customers, customers and customers. An email may look normal in the training window, and if you send a test and it gets into your Outlook inbox (or other email software you use), everything can be “off.” This is usually due to some of the other “no-no” mentioned above, but not always. Sometimes I write a long email, and some of the font changes I’ve made don’t reflect on the entire letter, and I see that when I look at the test copy. Always, always check.

When you view a test letter, check all the links in the email. Again, it sounds like “yes, Jessica,” but if you’re dealing with a lot of volume, you’ll forget to check out the links if you don’t make them part of a normal quality control system. You may have forgotten something so simple on “http:/” just because something has a hyperlink and looks interactive. (Note: The program will automatically fix this problem now, so this is a bad example, but a common example for going to the point. to illustrate). Or you just posted the wrong link. Always, always check.

Make sure everyone who has an account is aware of the nuances and take steps to avoid them. The Infusionsoft app can have no more than 5 users, so 5 different people can prepare and make the app with their own hands. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting together a long series well, and then someone else logs in to change something, does it in IE and rejects part of the markup.

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