Every now and then there’s a show that everyone seems to like, but for some reason I don’t like it at all. The new Battlestar Galactica was one of those shows for me. Although I see the appeal, I honestly believe that this show has been overrated. But there’s a big bang theory. Presumably, if you’re a geek, you should like this show. Tech Haze even included it in the top five TV shows for tech lovers. It’s cool! I’m passionate about technology. I had a website called the Brit Girls Gadget Guide for Crying Out Loud. Not to mention the fact that every week I hear about actors of a new genre. All of them, from Katie Sackhoff to George Takei, participated in this series, which should be written by geeks.

But for some reason I can’t understand, this show makes me want to snatch a screaming vomit in the shape of a cone. It bothers me. Am I not a fan enough to love such a show? I had a site dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, I was at the Star Trek convention and had a technical site. So the problem is clearly not my nerds. There are a lot of jokes, including references to Admiral Akbar and World of Warcraft, which I can laugh at. Always…

First of all, these are bright colors. Of course, these bright colors were the norm for the comedy of the 90s, but in the era of delayed development and office all I can say is “a little soften”! Then there’s a trail of laughter. Or is it a ridiculous track? I heard it was filmed in front of a live audience, and others said that laughter actually comes from the film crew. Either way it’s boring and wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a theatrical education. I understand that I have to wait for the audience’s laughter to subside before moving on, but it certainly reinforces the interference in the overall scene and helps me feel even less connected to the characters and situations.

It might just mean I have a problem with sitcoms. I’m not going to deny it. Above I listed two of my favorite comedies, and none of them are traditional sitcoms. Does that mean I’m not quite judging the big bang theory? Oh, if it were that simple.

Now I come to what I’m most concerned about in “The Big Bang Theory”: the characters. You have a group of socially stupid scientists/computer fans who can’t even talk to girls. Seriously, they look and act like the giki from “Saved by the Bell,” they’re so badly stacked! It’s like a resurgence of computer fans, when superheroes equate to big box office, and Battlestar Galactica stars are invited to the UN conference, why does The Big Bang Theory continue? Does it perpetuate these stereotypes?

They’re just boys. The girls from The Big Bang Theory either have sultry bodies, but they know nothing about the culture of nerds, or they are straightforward (read: ugly) and feel comfortable talking about science. As a nerd, actress and fashion magazine author, I can officially confirm that you can be a nerd and that you are also interested in fashion.

Do you remember that episode of Heroes, where Hayden Panettiere finds a job in a comic book store just because she’s a beautiful girl? The writers had a lot of crap about it, and yet The Big Bang Theory supports similar myths in every episode. I don’t think the big bang theory is going to be realistic. Of course, the characters will be bigger than life, that’s what comedy thrives on, but until I find characters I can relate to and really want to interact with, I’m going to pass it on.

Disclaimer: I’ve only watched a few early episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Some have heard that the series is getting better, and jokes are not so much about entertainment with geeks, as about entertainment with geeks. Having said that, who has time to keep watching the series about the promise to “get better”? Want to watch a truly “computer for computer fans” show? Here are some of my favorites:

Created by Felicia Day (Dr Horrible, Dollhouse) to overcome a two-year addiction to World of Warcraft, this web series is just hilarious. Of course, the characters are by no means real. Fork is an extremely thrifty leader of the guild, and he seems to project his mother’s suffocating inclinations onto a bad code. But Day gives us a lot of characters and backgrounds as opposed to the stereotypical type of pocket protectors that can be seen on other shows. And although there are plenty of game jokes, you don’t have to be a player to enjoy them.

Spaced is what you’ll get if you combine the ultra-computer mind of Simon Pegg and pop culture queen Jessica Hines. It is a surreal sight that prides itself on its frankness. And I think that’s why the show makes sense. It shows how a 20-year-old group does what they do best, namely walking around, going to the pub and lounging with nerds.

Special mention: Psychology
Okay, Psych isn’t really about geeks, except Gus. And Sean made some pretty open statements that he’s too cool to be a nerd. But does anyone remember him from the original Battlestar Galactica helmet series? How cool was that?! Of course, not all shows revolve around conventions and alien abductions, but mentions of pop culture quickly and furiously relate to this show, and it’s worth it.

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