After years of hearing how men share their greatest trials and tribulations in dating and relationships, to date I can say with confidence that the biggest challenge for men is to get close to the woman who attracts them and express myself with confidence, as a real man should do. . Some who managed to muster the courage to see the woman of their dreams did not know how to move things from stage to stage, so they are ashamed.

Most married men who turn to me for advice seem to have similar problems. What’s the problem, I know you need to know a long time ago; that’s what I’ll share with you. A very large proportion of the newlyweds you see are no longer satisfied in the family home. Externally, they may claim to be happy, but deep down they feel trapped in their own cowardice.

You see, my friend, the trouble started when these guys were alone, but they were either too scared or didn’t have the re-dating skills to find the woman they really wanted to be with. I’m going to tell you a true life story to illustrate your point of view, but first I advise you to take the time to read this article to the end, you’d be glad you did it.

Now here’s my story, I hope you’ll learn something from it. It was a report by one of my clients who became a very good friend to me. Let’s call him Jack for this article. Jack turned to me for advice after the breakdown of his two-year marriage. After listening to her story for about ninety minutes, I was able to tell exactly where Jack missed his chance to prosper and be happy in marriage.

Jack worked in a movie theater, where he had the opportunity to meet a variety of people. One of those people was the lady Jack knew from school. Her name is Jessica (name changed), Jack has always loved Jessica. She was exactly the lady Jack wanted; it was just the premise, the right medicine, in which Jack cured his madness.

While they were in high school, he was always looking for a great opportunity to invite Jesse somewhere, but he was always frightened by her social and school status. Jessica was the most popular student at the school. She was clearly the most beautiful and, moreover, her grades were the best in the class.

So Jack was afraid he’d be rejected if he asked her out, but Jessica was the girl of his dreams. So Jack did his best to impress this girl. He began to study overtime to improve her degree, he believed that if he could at least pass the study, perhaps she would be impressed and would be able to pay more attention to it.

He also tried to become popular, so he became a basketball player, but it didn’t change anything. He did all these beautiful things, but did nothing more important than the others he did; approached Jessica and told her how she felt for her.

They graduated from school and faced their different fates. Jack’s parents were poor and therefore could not allow him to get a higher education, but Jessica’s father was a wealthy doctor. So Jessica enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduated and got a high-paying blue-collar job, and Jack was an ordinary guy working in a movie theater.

So they were there again, four years after school. Jack couldn’t believe his eyes when he first saw Jesse in the movie theater where he was working, it was as if an angel had fallen from the sky. Jessica looked even prettier than in high school, but that’s not even the problem. The problem here again was that Jessica won five times more than Jack took at the end of the month.

The same old feelings of intimidation are back, but this time with more force. Jack wanted to ask Jessica out again, but again he was afraid that he would be refused. He had the feeling that arises when it seems that what you want is unattainable.

Jessica continued to return to the same cinema for the next three months, and all the while Jack could do nothing about what he felt for this girl; he didn’t know how to ask Jessica out, and he wasn’t turned down.

Two years after the wedding, everything fell apart. That’s when he came to my office for advice. It is so painful and embarrassing that most men feel powerless to approach the woman they really need. That’s why good girls have no choice but to be in the arms of men who mistreat them. It happens because the good guys don’t have the guts to chase their wives. Dream.

Most men marry an affordable woman. That’s what Jack did, and it’s the same mistake as most men who get divorced. Marrying an affordable girl instead of the woman of her dreams is one of the reasons why some men can’t be faithful to their partner. For the same reason, the feeling of affection they felt at the beginning of the relationship disappeared over time. My advice today is this; Do not choose the girl who is available, but the one with whom your heart really wants to be (the girl of your dreams).

She could be very wealthy, she could work in government, she could have a doctorate, she could be a famous Hollywood actress, she could be a top model, whatever it is, don’t let her status, her beauty or his money scare you. One way or another. My boyfriend is learning how attraction and seduction work in women, with adequate and quality training in these subjects (attraction and seduction), and letting the girl of your dreams fall in love with you will be easy. By the way, my name is Lemar Bloom, and I appreciate that you have found your precious time to listen to what I said. God bless you and please stay out of trouble.

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