Green Tea for Celebrity Skin

Traveling for green tea did not end with a cup of hot water. He also made pit stops on fatty parts of the body and in dental clinics, making key parts of diets and toothpaste. The success of green tea lies in its abundant ingredient, epigalloatechin gallate or EGCG. It is thought to be a very powerful antioxidant that suppresses, reduces or kills tissues or cells that contribute to the destruction of certain organs in the body. Because this scenario uses the keyword “antioxidant,” most people associate it with the face. Today, there are thousands of facial products on the market that claim to contain these powerful substances aimed at solving major skin problems. The main chemical composition of green tea is the focus, all in the name of vanity.

One word: Hollywood. Countless people adapt their way of life to everything in Hollywood. From celebrities to their fortunes, fashion and personal lives. Reality shows are overloaded with information about even the most intimate details. Skin care is one of them. Everyone wants Jessica Alba’s glow and Nicole Kidman’s porcelain skin. Thanks to these predisposing factors, the products satisfy the whims of people. And green tea has become one of the main characters in tonics, solutions and even in cosmetics for the face.

Wanting to deviate from something chemical because of its harmful effects, people went biologically. Most people today choose the natural path, especially when fighting diseases. Maybe that’s why they prefer herbal treatment with chemical creams. Green tea is a good example of that. Roughness and respect for the environment and animals are factors influencing people’s decision to move from one product to another. However, self-testing can be as costly as regular facials. Why not try cleaning the cupboards? Perhaps a few more bags of green tea are waiting for contact with the skin.

In this millennium, vanity has become a necessity. Beauty is important. Today, a cloth the size of a handkerchief can come off the top.

There were organic products that immediately became a hit for their promise to be cheaper, more natural, rich and very effective. And with a bag of green tea it can even be free.

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