Which Is Better A Wooden Urn Or A Metal Urn?

Here you can find some very simple urns that can appeal to a more contemporary flavor. We also have wooden urns that require a lot of skill and craftsmanship to create with inlaid wood and fine bead finishing. The amount of time and skill that goes into each wooden urn will be a factor in the cost of each urn. The equipment and tools needed to be part of the ballot box is highly specialized. Our 3D laser cutting inlays are very unique cremation urns for ashes.

Some urns are gracefully designed for display purposes, while others are very simple in style. Many of the urns can also be customized with laser engravings or designs. Most of our wooden urns have a sliding wooden plate at the bottom, including a bag to fill with the ashes.

Since 1973, we have helped countless families and caregivers carry urn for ashes out the last wishes of their loved ones with dignity and respect.

I appreciate what you said about not embalming the body when you are cremated. I think cremation is a great option because it’s more cost-effective than a traditional funeral. When my time comes, I will consider being cremated as a way to save my family some money during a difficult time.

The last option is a free cremation, where the body is donated to scientific organizations for research, then cremated and returned to the family for free. Planning Ahead gives you the time it takes to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your standards, lifestyle, taste, and budget. And we assure you and your family that the decisions you make will go ahead as planned. Neptune Society is the largest provider of affordable cremation services in the United States.

Embalming the body with chemicals, also called embalming fluid, is essential to preserve the body during the funeral service or to keep an eye on. Most people choose burial because they want the body to be dissected in a more natural way. They also prefer the funeral process more because everyone is used to it. The most common mistake people make regarding cremation and visitation is to think that someone who intends to cremate cannot be embalmed. Many people choose to be embalmed before cremation to allow for a visit, vigil, or funeral service. In this case, cremation takes place first and family and friends gather at a later date for a memorial service.

There are dozens of urns in this style, designed to match a variety of life experiences. In contrast to the popular Keep the Memory Urns line, these wooden urns stand upright. Solid walnut forms the exterior, which can hold up to 240 cubic inches. A beautiful print on the front provides space for a photo, as well as custom lines of text and a poem. The footprint of the base is larger than the space for the urn, to make room to place a battery-powered candle.

Funeral services will be held prior to the cremation process, while memorial service will be held after the remains have been placed in a funeral receiver. A photo of the deceased will accompany the urn, along with some flowers. Alternatively, you can rent a casket for the actual funeral ceremony and have the body moved to a more affordable recipient for the cremation phase after the casket has been moved by the pallbearers. It is the “alternative container”, which resembles a basic box made of plywood, cardboard, composite wood materials or plastic.

The box can be made of any combustible material – hardwood, fabric-covered wood, reeds, teak, bamboo, etc. – as long as it has no metal parts. When a person’s remains are cremated, the body should be placed in a rigid container that is completely flammable. While this container may be a traditional chest, it doesn’t have to be.