Kittens should use kitten food until they are about 11 months old, if possible. If you are adopting Pet Angel and plan to keep them in Science Diet Food, wait until you buy a bag! You’ll get a coupon for Science Diet foods during your adoption! We’re talking about costs like regular veterinary appointments, large and small surgeries like spay/neuter, plus other health care costs, cat supplies like toys, litter boxes, etc.

Start by removing all the litter boxes from the area and grab your reliable handheld vacuum (or an outdated broom and dustpan also work!) and clean up the remaining trash. If your litter boxes are in tiles, vinyl, or hardwood, go a step further and clean the area with a floor-safe disinfectant spray or cloth. Cats are solitary creatures that need time away from their human and animal relatives. You can help your cat feel comfortable at home by creating a private space to relax. In addition to being in a quiet part of your home, your cat’s nest should also be in an area easily accessible to them, such as a bedroom, guest room, or closet.

However, many cat parents often forget to clean litter boxes. From choosing the right cat food to litter box training, there is a wide range of things a first-time cat owner should consider. There are many questions that can go through your head. Here are the answers and a quick guide on how to best prepare for your first cat.

I hear so many people say that their cat doesn’t like toys, then I ask him what they tried and found that they stopped after his cat didn’t like mice or balls. Theo loves fold balls, Cal loves mice, Oliver loves feathers, and Sammy loves this weird tube thing with two feathers sticking out of the ends. Whenever I see a new/weird-looking toy for a few bucks, I always pick it up.

Many make the mistake of limiting cats too much without knowing it by significantly reducing the amount of food. This is very dangerous in cats because it can lead to deadly liver complications called hepatic lipidosis. We prefer that you trust us and feed a diet specially made to lose weight.

Fred T. Allen has built a thriving pet care business in Corpus Christi, Texas. Fido Sit is known for going a step further, whether that means watering plants or even saving the life of a beloved Hooded litter box cat with the Heimlich maneuver. Even cats that seem to drink a lot of water don’t drink enough. Chronic dehydration too often leads to tooth decay, bladder stones, and urinary tract infections.

Many cats will find the smallest place to tuck their bodies in when a new person appears. Other cats will walk proudly and become the main attraction when visitors call. Once your cat lets you know what his natural inclination towards people and pets is, let him be there for a while. I feel like every two weeks we discover new things we should or shouldn’t do for our cats. It’s a struggle to feel like you’re doing enough for the stupid creatures that roam the house. Here are my tips and tricks to give Kitty the best home after years of experience.

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