School Sports Tours – Choosing the Best Destination for Your Students

Europe has many countries that pride themselves on their sporting prowess and top-class facilities, so when planning school sports tours it can be difficult to know which destination to choose. A company that specialises in the organising of school tours, especially sporting tours, will be invaluable when it comes to knowing the most suitable country to choose for your particular focus.

South Africa

For school rugby tours, it is important to choose a destination where the sport holds not only a cultural, but also a historical value. If there is a strong historical background it can serve to enhance the experience of the tour. Sports such as cricket and rugby, for example, are national sports in South Africa and are highly celebrated. Their victory at the Rugby World Cup served to pique people’s interest in the importance of the sport to the nation.


School rugby tours to France are also a favoured option, with its prestige within Rugby having grown since they held the Rugby World Cup. It has an impressive stadium in Paris and the sport is steadily growing in popularity. Travelling to France is a great opportunity for a UK student to see the variations and reception of the sport within a different country, and take part in fixtures against teams from other nations.

Czech Republic

Prague, too, has a lot to offer in terms of a sporting heritage and is also an historically diverse city, ideal for student tours of any kind. The city is divided into two distinct parts – one representing the old Prague and one representing the newer, modernized one. In tandem, the two sides have a lot to offer students – both as an educational experience and a chance to participate in the sports that are so important to the country. Ice Hockey is considered something of a national treasure in the Czech Republic, always look for ice hockey fixtures while visiting this country.

No matter where you choose for your school rugby tours, a successful itinerary should include a blend of sporting fixtures, cultural and historical activities and ample free time for students to explore and develop confidence and independence. Professional school tour organisers will be able to arrange everything from flights and accommodation to a perfectly-balanced itinerary, ensuring your students have the time of their lives.






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