Many women and even some men are choosing to have highlights these days to add texture and give life back into the hair. Highlights make the hair move, make it fresh and interesting. Not everyone is confident to go for an all over color change, which is why highlights are so popular – they just add touches of color, usually lighter that will enhance your natural or base color.

You have a lot of choice when it comes to highlights. The biggest choice is how noticeable you want to have them. For example, if you prefer subtlety then you could add some brown highlights hair into dark brown hair. For an even more dramatic look, one that will give a lot of contrast is dark hair with blonde highlights.

You can also choose whether you would like a large, wide section of hair highlighting or if you prefer finer strands – again, thicker sections of highlighted hair are more noticeable, whereas going for thin strands can be more subtle and easier at blending into your natural color.

The good thing about highlights is that they don’t have to be maintained as often as a single color – you can get away with some growth as roots will not be so noticeable, especially if your highlights are subtle. What I love about getting highlights is that you don’t have to stick to one color or shade, in essence – you could have both low lights and highlights to add depth and individuality to your hair.

If you want to have highlights and it is your first time then it is recommended to get them done at a hair salon by a professional color artist. Adding highlights to your own hair can be tricky and a professional will know where to add that give best results. There are different methods to adding highlights to the hair but in most cases your stylist will use foil wrapped around the strands that will be colored – this makes sure that the color cannot spread into the rest of the hair.

The problem that most of us face is the cost of going to a professional. Once you have watched and seen how it has been done in the salon you might want to brave it and buy a kit so you can perform it at home – either by yourself or by asking a trustworthy friend to help out. Just of late there has been many a professional product range that has branched off into supplying kits for highlighting your own hair such as L’Oreal.

Such kits will come with a base color that will be applied first as per the instructions. Then comes the magical part – the wand, which will be the tool used for adding highlights. How you apply the highlights will depend slightly on the cut or style of your hair. If it is all one length then you might want to focus on strands that will later frame your face – be careful not to forget about the hair around the back though. Layered hair will need some special attention – you will want to target the shorter/top layers first. Curly hairs have it the easiest – with far less precision being needed.

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