Bhu:Sattva: Inspired By Rafflesia

A fairly popular Indian brand of organic clothing, Bhu:sattva is for all the socially and environmentally conscious eco-fashionistas. This Gujarat based organic satta matka clothing brand has justifiably catapulted to popularity with its authentic line of pure organic clothing that uses fabrics made of natural fibers along with natural and herbal dyes without a trace of any chemicals. After showcasing it’s collection for three seasons at the Lakme Fashion Week, Bhu:sattva is back for the fourth season with its immaculate line of organic designer outfits inspired by the very exotic Rafflesia.

It is the striking Rafflesia that caught DigVijay Singh’s fantasy and ended up being his muse for this season’s collection. The designer reportedly said that this inspiration was an effort to conserve charm of nature’s gifts. A rare species of flower found in Southeast Asia, especially the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia and the Philippines, Rafflesia is believed to be the largest single flower in the world. A fully bloomed Rafflesia can measure up to a meter wide in diameter and can be as heavy as 10 kilograms. This deep orange flower is truly a spectacle without a doubt mainly owing to its striking leathery and velvety five petals featuring cream colored wart-like growths. Being a rare species because of its inherent factors and characteristics, ‘Tidak Ada Lagi’ which translates to ‘there aren’t many left’ in English is indeed quite an apt theme for this year’s Rafflesia-inspired Bhu:ssatva collection by Digvijay Singh.

A distinct range of organic fabrics have been used in this collection which comprises mainly of cottons and silks such as modal, matka, kora silk, etc and color palette is restricted to neutrals and pastels in order to make it appear soothing and elegant. Besides the flowy and feminine silhouettes, a distinctive feature of this collection is the use of French knots as surface ornamentation – something that’s again inspired by the texture of Rafflesia.






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