You remember steve Jobs telling his competitors; “We welcome competition, but we’re not competing with our technology, but by developing yours,” or at least that was the case, and it was published in the Wall Street Journal after Maria Bartero interviewed him on CNBC. Steve Jobs has defended a patent law he filed against a competitor who used touchscreen technology and created a fake product to compete with their latest personal tech device.

Okay, let’s move quickly to today and see where we are right now. The Wall Street Journal published an interesting article by Jan Sherr on March 7, 2012, titled; “Apple is evaluating the patent settlement,” he said. “In exchange for the termination of the lawsuit, Apple offered its mobile competitors licensing deals.” Ultimately, this could be extremely useful for Apple as it works on the next evolution of its products.

Also recently there was a rather interesting problem when Apple did not have the trademark iPad in China, and the Chinese forgery used it, were confiscated tens of thousands of iPads, but Apple can innovate, it does not matter, so it is not. . You don’t need an iPad III, it can call it anything else:

I’m wrong.
I am happy

The reality is that, whatever Apple calls it, it’s still an Apple product, and they’re loyal to the brand from afar. Everything they produce for the $499 price they’re talking about, people will buy, and there were probably millions of them. In fact, one analyst recently said he believed Apple would sell 3 million iPad IIIs (or whatever they call them) and would still sell 25 million iPad IIs in 2012.

Yes, these estimates seem legitimate to me, based on past sales and accelerating iPad sales at present. However, the reality is that Apple doesn’t have to worry about people copying its old stuff, all it needs to do is slow them down for long enough to recoup your investment and keep earning. Publish new products that people will like. they are very good. And we all know what products they offer, people line up at night before waiting for them to have one and then crowds of others follow them.

Apple doesn’t need a patent court to stay on top. It just takes a little respite, and that’s what we Americans need to make sure they get it, because it means constantly investing in innovation and technology in our great country that belongs to us. In fact, I hope you’ll want to consider and reflect on it all.

UPDATE: March 8, 2012 – Apple releases its third version of the iPad, calling it the “new iPad,” which is pretty reasonable given that everyone calls it that in media and personal media blogs.

Recommended literature:

  1. WSJ article; “Apple Tries to Save the Edge,” by Jessica E. Vaskellaro, March 8, 2012.
  2. WSJ article; “Apple iPads Are a Product Portfolio,” Rolfe Winkler, 08.03.2012.

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