While the dazzling dazzling bat is alone, it looks just as much fun when combined with a completely shady lap look. A smoked silver-blue eye combined with a deep black wing makes a moment of makeup that cannot be ignored. permanent eyeliner Read the following message for a step-by-step tutorial to apply a winged eyeliner to your eye shape. Do not wear dark colors of eyeshadow and wear them too high on the hood, allowing your eyes to look narrow and sunken.

Hooded eyes actually mean he has a small fin of excess skin under every eyebrow. But long, as we age and our lax skin becomes more intense, our eyes become more with a hood. The older I got, the more my top cover fell and the more my fold and lid are gone.

With its applicator staff that has a precise tip, it guarantees a fine and intense finish that is very necessary for your hooded eyes. This long-lasting hooded eyeliner delivers rich black strokes with effortless sharp wings. The thickness can be easily changed by pressing the coating. The best thing about this product is that it is suitable for all skin and skin types. Certain eye makeup looks are not as easy to see as your eyelid appears to be hidden.

Read on to learn how to apply everything from eyeliner to eyeshadow on hooded lids. This light brown eyeliner is perfect for more natural eye makeup. It is ideal for people with hooded eyelids or people who don’t want something too cheeky.

If you answered yes to one of the questions, you probably have hooded eyelids. You can also check out our article, How to determine your eye shape in 2 easy steps to help you determine the shape of your eye. This eyeliner reaches our list of the best hood eye linings for more than one reason! It features an accurate tip brush with sharp, clean and quickly defined lines. This product provides an intense matte black finish and prevents peeling and blurring.