So, it may take a while to familiarize yourself with Apple’s apps. However, as mentioned earlier, the iPhone is compatible with almost all Google apps, so you can also use Chrome, Google Calendar, etc. It is important to know that there is currently no way to move WhatsApp chat backup from Android to iPhone. So, switching from Android to iPhone will result in loss of all previous WhatsApp chat backup from Android devices.

Three or four apps are running, and the phone starts to fall behind. Due to the fact that Android is a universal system for many brands, it can’t be as light as iOS which is only made for one brand. That’s why the dual-core iPhone can beat 2GB RAM octa core Android smartphones with 4GB ram, which isn’t good to be proud of.

Usually, you can consult an Apple employee at the store and walk away with a new or newly repaired device within an hour or two. Alternatives like Asurion, SquareTrade, and Samsung Care+ offer relatively cheaper phone protection plans. That said, Google’s cybersecurity measures are nothing to scoff at. However, frequent customization of Android devices makes them susceptible to various security threats. Apple phones retain their trade-in value much better than Android phones. IPhones are made of high-quality materials, which helps them a lot in maintaining their residual value.

However, with regular daily phone use, it’s something I personally don’t think you’ll notice. Now, if you have a low-power Android phone that doesn’t have very high specs, it would be noticeably slower, yes. But there are so many good flagship Android phones right now that you can’t really go wrong. I currently have an iPhone 6 Plus and have had the 2g, 3gs and 4s. Most of the time, they have been imprisoned for adaptation purposes. In recent years, however, it has become increasingly difficult to do this and it seems pointless to do so.

The same goes for iOS over shitty games, but hey, at least iOS doesn’t get viruses if Apple checks and verifies apps before they’re marketed. Because we don’t know anything about phones and we want to spend our time studying more than just the phone itself. We want to study, do business, create without distractions the phone that makes our lives difficult, as my low-end androids have done, by the way. I went to Target, where I bought the Android phone (the first of which turned out to have no SD card and no capabilities, NONE!) and got bad advice (“give up, it won’t work”). But it seems that real productivity requires the investment of tutorial TIME: study time of how to use your phone.

But recent Android devices have taken that into account and removed bloatware: just look at the new Nexus phones that Google recently announced. However, if you’re talking about some of the tweaks Android can make that are useless, then I strongly disagree with you. “Hey look, I can make my keyboard red” has nothing to do with the actual customizations available on Android devices. I can basically adjust all the little settings I want my phone to suit me, iPhones not so much.

I have had my Samsung Galaxy S7 for over 2 years and it works fine. Again, everyone has different experiences with each device, whether it’s an Android phone or an iPhone. I have been a Samsung user for 5 years and I am very proud of it. I will never buy an iphone, too bad for my interests and style. Thank you for coming and giving your opinion. There are millions of people who prefer Apple’s platform.

So how exactly do you make sure you look rich? And since the iPhone is the most common single phone, how does it make you seem important? IPhone is more preferable to Android for some features, and for others, the opposite is the case. There is a wide range of purposes that your mobile phone will serve or are expected to serve you and your specific purpose is what you will consider when making this decision. Whether it is worth switching from Android to iPhone is a feature of personal interest.

It’s well-designed, extremely easy to use, and offers every type of app you can think of. They use a very simplistic user interface which is beautiful. It’s easy to read, shows users what they want to see, and is visually appealing. iPhone kabel 1 meter I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and it’s easily the best phone I’ve ever had. My Android phone has a nicer screen, a better camera, can do a lot more things with more features, and costs less than your top-of-the-line iPhone.