Children’s creativity was also enhanced when playing any type of video game, including violent games, but not when children used other forms of technology, such as a computer or cell phone, other research revealed. There is mixed research that there are some cognitive benefits to gaming, such as better attention control and better spatial reasoning, although it’s not entirely clear how much these benefits extend beyond the video game sphere into the real world. Finally, video games have medical applications, such as training people with degenerative diseases to improve their balance, helping teens with ADHD improve their thinking skills, or training surgeons to perform technically complicated surgeries.

While excessive gambling can certainly be harmful, we wanted to shed light on the benefits that gaming and streaming can have on people’s mental health and well-being… Research on the positive health effects of video games has shown that they can produce five times more improvements in player mood than playing cards or board games and the same improvement in stress reduction compared to listening to music. Interestingly, many studies in this review also focused on people ages 50 to 80, often focused on reducing age-related changes such as postural instability or cognitive decline. However, the greatest opportunity regarding the age group for additional studies of video games to improve health may be for people in their 30s to 50s.

Contrary to popular belief, video games can promote and improve health and social activity in a variety of ways. The social benefits of video games have been widely discussed, with some people claiming that video games lead to poor social skills or isolation. While excessive video game play can have negative social consequences, mediocre gameplay can improve social skills and reduce anxiety. When players can compete against fictional characters in a virtual world, they are free to experiment with social interactions, which teaches them what good social behavior is. Those who experience anxiety in social situations may feel more comfortable practicing social interactions in video games, without the consequences in real life.

To experience the positive effects of video games, it can be helpful to identify your motivation to play. Since 2007, Al. has been researching the training of laparoscopic surgeons and recording young surgeons playing video games to see what effects games would have on their ability to perform surgeries and other medical tasks. The study had a group of young adults with no gaming experience playing video games in the action genre, at a fast pace for 50 hours. No positive effect of video games will justify playing them for 10 hours a day.

To see if improving cognition and perception can be a direct cognitive benefit of playing video games, a researcher named Vikranth Bejjanki, along with several colleagues, conducted some experiments. Contrary to popular belief when it comes to the positive and negative effects of video games, British researchers found that certain video games can improve the flexibility of our brains. While this positive effect of video games isn’t technically on your brain, it’s still a significant benefit to mention.

Their study evaluated participants on visual and audio decision-making tasks. While all groups performed with equal accuracy, the group of action players completed tasks up to 25 percent faster. Strategic and role-playing also challenges players to solve complex problems. The American Psychological Association showed in a 2013 study that teens who played strategy video games had improved problem-solving skills and better grades in school.

A year later, researchers found that playing Wii games like Marble Mania helped surgical residents improve both their fine motor skills and their performance in surgical simulators. The health 꽁머니 사이트 benefits of video games reach much deeper and wider than many people realize. Several medical studies have shown that regular playtime can significantly improve physical and mental well-being.

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