Seven Underwater Gems Hidden In Egypt

You can rent everything from resorts and beaches, from jet skis to banana boats to make your beach holiday more exciting. You will be impressed by the biodiversity of the Red Sea and the clarity of the water. Walk from the beaches to the shallow reefs or take a boat trip to beautiful dive sites such as the Giftun Islands. Some of the best dive sites are coral reefs, which are only a few meters underwater, which means you can dive as easily as you can. The rugged islands are surrounded by crystal clear water that shines turquoise in the bright sunlight. You can rest on the beach, walk across the rock plateaus and dive on the coral reefs.

Be sure to visit the cities of Ismailia and Port Said, next to the canal, to experience a slower and more relaxed Egypt. Luxor There is very little on earth that can be compared to the impressive spectacle of monuments in Luxor. So much has been preserved of the old Thebes and the beauty of the place impresses most visitors.

The coast of the Red Sea in Egypt is home to many important sites in early Christianity. Prehistoric trade routes traverse the region and ancient rock paintings across the country. You will love the noisy and exaggerated city of Hurghada, the eastern desert, and even more a great dive. The area is now known for its great holiday packages and that may be unpleasant for some. But you just have to scratch under the surface to find the many hidden gems of the coast of the Red Sea. It is located 35 km from Hurghada, close to the entrance to the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea and is one of the most important dive sites in Hurghada.

The Red Sea has clear blue water and an incredible amount of exotic fish and corals, making it as much appreciated as a diving destination. It offers perhaps some of the best diving and snorkeling experiences in the world. This incredible technical achievement separates Africa from Asia and Egypt from Sinai. Completed during a period of great dreams for Egyptians, the area today has a distinctive, albeit outdated, architecture and atmosphere. Not a major tourist attraction, but here you can learn a lot about modern Egyptian history.

The city of Hurghada has sun, white sandy beaches all year round and plenty to do, regardless of your bag and budget. It has a murderous location next to the Nile Cruise from Hurghada waters of the Red Sea and is incomparable as a holiday destination. Here are the best things you can do in Hurghada, the heavenly tourist city of Egypt.

You will love the golden sandy beaches with incredible ocean views over the Gulf to the Hijaz Mountains in Saudi Arabia. There is also a lot of underwater beauty, with corals and marine fauna, which is why Dahab is considered one of the best places to dive and dive on the peninsula. Hurghada Originally a destination for diving, the city has suffered from overdevelopment in recent years. But a jewel like Hurghada should not be left light-hearted and many NGOs have entered with the aim of restoring this stretch of coast.