Factory resetting a MacBook Pro or any Apple gadget can solve many macOS problems, especially when one is thinking about selling it .It is not only important to do it before selling it but also when you want to clear the cache of your computer or want a fresh start for the machine. Factory resetting a MacBook Pro helps to a good extent if one is passing on an old MacBook to their friends or family members ,or want to sell it or looking to fix some unsolved issue in their computer. Here are some options in case you are looking for�selling my macbook pro.

In order to factory reset a MacBook Pro one needs to clone or backup all the important files and documents before wiping out the data in the hard drive .This allows the computer to set the computer like a new Mac. One can also sync the important data with iCloud. Also logging out from every software or application one has been working on is very important before resetting a MacBook Pro to it�s factory settings. To remove all the data from the Mac before selling it is necessary to save oneself from identity theft, so once if it is reset then you don�t have to worry about someone accessing your personal information. Resetting a Laptop is a very sensitive work. If you�re having any difficulty in resetting or if you want to take a help from some expert then you can reach out to�NSS Laptop Service Center�anywhere in India in your locality.

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Here are some detailed steps on how to factory reset a MacBook Pro and what safety measures should be kept in mind while doing it.


One must make sure to connect the internet while factory resetting a MacBook so that the latest copy of macOS can be downloaded. The cloning or backing up all the data can be done using the Time Machine software that Apple provides to backup a mac. A separate storage device or a MacOS server is required to backup. Time machine stores a copy of all the data in a Mac. A large external storage device like a USB, Firewire or Thunderbolt hard drive or SSD that is plugged into a mac, is required for the backup through Time Machine. But one must not need to have a Time machine backup if the data is synced to iCloud.


Once the backup has been done, one must deauthorise their computer from the iTunes store and they will no longer be linked to the iTunes account. If macOS Catalina is running in a MacBook Pro, iTunes no longer exists as a standalone app so instead one has to access the iTunes store via the new Music app.

Steps to do it:

>Open Music app�

> select Music

> Preferences from the menu bar

>Go to the General tab


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The next step is turning off the iCloud. Before starting, if one has any iCloud files that were created on the Mac, they will be stored in their Home folder.�


  • Open System preferences and click on iCloud.
  • Tap on SIGN OUT.
  • To remove all the personal data, untick the boxes beside the iCloud drive, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders. Then click on CONTINUE.
  • One might see a warning that iCloud drive needs to finish updating before continuing with signing out.
  • In case of a MacBook Pro, one needs to confirm that their payment details must be removed from the Mac. Sign-out will remove any Apple pay information.
  • Now one is required to enter their Apple ID password.


Once the mac is backed up and iCloud connections have been shut off, the Mac is ready for the wipe out process.


  • In order to enter the recovery mode, click on the Apple logo on the top left corner of the screen and select RESTART.
  • Now immediately hold down the COMMAND and R keys until an Apple logo or Spinning globe is seen.
  • It takes a while for the Mac to start in this mode.
  • Now one might see a screen that would ask to choose a language.
  • The next screen that will be seen is the RECOVERY MODE UTILITIES Window.
  • Choose Disk Utility.
  • Now two disks must be visible-Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD � data. Click on Macintosh HD � data drive and then Click on the Erase button.
  • A warning message will appear that this will permanently erase your data. Then again click on Erase.�
  • Now wait while the volume is deleted.


One should not just sell their Mac having erased the contents otherwise the new user will be confronted with a flashing question mark when they will start up the mac as there will be no operating system installed. So it is necessary to reinstall macOS before one can sell it.

Alternatively, if one is planning to continue to use the Mac and just wanted to do a clean install for themselves, then they would want to install a new version of macOS.


  • Choose Reinstall MacOS from the utilities and follow the instructions that will appear to reinstall macOS.
  • Now the Mac will start to download and install Catalina or whichever version of macOs one�s Mac was running.
  • Eventually after 30 -50 minutes or so, the Mac will restart.


Therefore, The guide to Factory reset a MacBook Pro ,wipe out all the data and reinstalling a new version before handing it over to a new user will provide a clean slate to the machine in an unblemished factory state, as if it was fresh out of the box.

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