You can easily see a list of all upcoming birthdays and it supports import contacts. If remembering birthdays is very important to you, you may want to have the most effective application. You can see a list of all subsequent birthdays in the app. This application has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to create custom memories for each contact.

Depending on your taste and relationship, you can send romantic, fun or floral greeting cards. Google Calendar is a very popular calendar application that can be easily used as a birthday reminder tool. The application contains no advertisements and is not only available on mobile devices, but also on the internet. Integrates with Google Assistant so you can configure reminders using voice support or manually.

Touch the widget and you’re in the app to capture the idea or wish a happy birthday. This free app is reminiscent of birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates for your friends and family. We don’t know if the developer of this app called Birdays just tried to be cute, but here it is. The app logo makes it look like a productivity app, and that’s the atmosphere you get when you use this birthday reminder app.

Birthdays tell you who the day is coming, age and gift ideas. With just one touch you can wish for a happy birthday directly how to find out someone’s birthday via WhatsApp or call the birthday boy on the phone. Our app reminds you of birthdays, anniversaries and other events.

Birthdays are the only app in all birthday apps that offer greeting cards. Import friends and colleagues from your phone contacts or make them easy with this birthday calendar. Receive notifications on your birthday, congratulate SUPER FAST on WhatsApp, Telegram or send a nice greeting card. It’s a date I probably won’t forget, but I admit when it comes to friends or family birthdays, my memory is awful. I often even miss the “It’s X’s Birthday” warnings that appear on Facebook. In addition to simple calendar alerts, many apps can help you remember and celebrate a birthday.

We are a forgetful career, so we often forget important events even after being reminded. Therefore, Countdown + will increase the frequency of reminders as the event date approaches. It also supports FB events and national / international holidays. A birthday reminder app is a great way to track all birthdays; it doesn’t matter who they are. One of those applications is Birthday Reminder & Countdown, developed by us here at iDB.

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