Enlarged pores and a shiny T-zone don’t have to get in the way of good makeup when you prepare and prepare your skin and protect your makeup the right way. After applying your base, let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes before applying an adjustment powder or a translucent powder. Shake it in powder and gently tap the excess before applying it to the face. Cover the front and bridge areas well, as these areas are more greasy.

Use a lightly structured moisturizer and gel cream such as Skincare By BEAUTY BAY Day One Moisturizer to moisturize the skin without looking greasy. Diffusion for people with oily skin is a must, but over-painting is a sin. Diffill your face gently with a mild scrub and only do this twice a week, no more than that. Always don’t forget to exfoliate or remove your black dots / white dots just before applying makeup to your face. If you want to exfoliate or remove it, it should be done at least 6-7 hours before applying makeup to the face. Better if you scrub after you have removed your makeup before going to bed.

Also keep your fingers off your face with regularly washed brushes and sponges. Translucent matt powder offers another barrier against oily skin. Pour a small amount of powder into the lid of the make-up container. Shake a kabuki brush or dust brush in the lid until all the powder disappears. To apply a thin layer of matt finishing powder to the base, move the brush in large circles from the inside of the face to the outside of the face. If you are going to use the base, now is the right time.

“How to treat oily skin, distinguish facial skin types, apply makeup and makeup suitable for use on oily skin.” The mineral or powder base may be a good option microblading brows for oily skin, but sometimes it can be pastel over time. Using an oil-free liquid base on an oil-reducing primer provides the best, most durable coverage.

When selecting a primer, choose an oil-free maifer product in powder or liquid-to-powder form. Apply a thin, even layer of primer to your face; don’t forget your eyelids. You can buy and apply a separate primer for your eyelids. Then you can apply eye makeup, blush and lipmake-up. When buying cosmetics for oily skin, keep in mind that you should also use powder-based formulas that don’t slip or lose grip, as your skin’s oil levels change during the day.

Make sure your skin is clean and then apply your serums, moisturizers and SPF. Even if your skin is oily, it is important not to skip the essential step of hydration. If your skin is hydrated, you are less likely to produce your own moisture .

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