If you only plan to clean an outdoor household, a small cover or terrace from time to time, a light electric pressure washer is perfect enough. There are a few endpoints to keep in mind as you prepare to wash your house under pressure. Keep the spray away from all outside windows and vents to avoid unwanted damage. Regardless of the type of exterior you are dealing with, you should avoid getting detergent or water behind the outer surface. Make sure you rinse well; The main cleaning is done here. To avoid damage, start rinsing with the mouthpiece held just at the liner and gradually get closer.

Back up if you see any kind of damage to the lining. Return to the high pressure settings you used earlier to remove the stuck nonsense without safely damaging your coating. Start where you initially connected the detergent and continue through a similar pattern, spraying in a sweeping upward motion. Rinse until most detergent and dirt have all the features to disappear.

Then place the detergent container next to the washing machine and slide the open end of the plastic siphon tube over the copper nipple at the bottom of the pump. Enter the filtered end of the tube into the detergent container. Finally, slide the nozzle forward over the gun and change from high to low pressure for soap application. The mouthpiece can also be rotated to adjust the width of the pattern in high pressure mode. “Cleaning stains and dirt on the outside of your home may first require a detergent; it will use a low-pressure spray pattern to apply it,” continues Macfarlane. If using a detergent, let it rest on the surface for a few minutes and then work in small sections from top to bottom.

It is best to test your sprayer in a discreet lining area, such as rear landscape plantations or the back of a garage. Incorrectly used, a pressure ring can damage the wood coating or the crack vinyl coating. Fill the pressure ring tank with a cleaning solution and then spray the coating with the water solution mixture, working from bottom to top. Use a wide, low-pressure spray angle when applying the cleaning solution.

Soap and water are always a better combination of cleaning than just water. Most pressure rings come with an injector to mix cleaning solutions directly into the jet stream. Exterior House Washing You will get better results if you remove all dirt and dirt from the porch before you flush out pressure. If you have patio furniture, you want to remove it to avoid damage.

Never try to touch the plug while your hands are wet! After all, never leave it unattended while it is still working. Spray this, rub, rinse and then pressurize with a multi-purpose cleaner.

Electric high-pressure cleaners are handy and lightweight machines. They can also be used indoors because there is no machine exhaust. The printing washing process is slightly more involved than just getting a machine and removing the dirt.

The most dangerous thing about this job is of course operating a high-pressure cleaner with both hands while standing on a ladder. If you feel uncomfortable with pedaling, hire a professional. Otherwise, take your time, lean against the ladder and stop if you feel uncomfortable. Water and electricity Do not mix It gets wet when washed under pressure, which entails the risk of receiving an electric shock from cables and external outputs.

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