This will help you be better prepared to choose the right ring for your special someone while staying within your budget. The only complaint I get from our clients is that we have too many ring design options. True, after 20 years of bespoke design we have hundreds of styles and our abundance of combinations can be very overwhelming. Choosing or making your ring is really the most fun part of this whole process, so here are some tips that I hope will be helpful.

This custom-designed diamond and platinum ruby ring had an elongated oval-cut diamond surrounded by diamonds and rubies for a romantic and unique end result. The woman wearing this ring loves the larger scale of the halo and the fact that she is the only woman in the world who has it. Both she and her future husband were closely involved in the process. Starting with simple research will help you orient yourself to the attribute options for your custom ring design.

When designing your custom engagement ring, it’s essential to consider your personality and lifestyle. For example, the hidden halo setting might be the best choice if you want something simple with a charm. Or, if you want something different, you can choose an elegantly colored diamond as the central stone.

As designer Elyahu always says: “Taste and smell that cannot be discussed. The quality is unmistakable.” And he’s right. You’ll have to take the time to figure out your tastes, but when it comes to the DR custom ring quality of stones, metals and craftsmanship, ours is really the best job. Once you’ve selected the style and configuration of the ring, it’s time to make another important decision: the strap material.

A look at the selection of rings can help you decide which aspects of a ring you like and don’t like. If you like certain aspects of different rings, you can put these features into a flawless design. That’s why designing a custom engagement ring is one of the best decisions you can make for your wedding. Plus, it’s much easier than you think, especially with Adamas Fine Jewelry’ guide.