After the rum-filled celebrations, a gentle cruise to the idyllic islands offers the perfect R&R for guest hire. Spend the New Year in the enigmatic city of Australia and be one of the first to receive the New Year on Earth. Aboard a superyacht anchored in Sydney Harbor, you get a front view of the dazzling, world-famous fireworks raining color on colonial architecture and iconic buildings.

During the countdown, revelers drink champagne and send hundreds of paper flashlights to the night sky. The big celebration of London includes an extensive light show accompanied by the Big Ben gong with visitors crowding along the banks of the River Thames, along with many parties and clubs to choose from. The party continues all night, while activities on January 1 include a long parade complete with music bands, colorful floats, costumed dancers and a procession of the Queen’s horses. The best places on land to see the festivities are along the Victoria Embankment, Waterloo or Westminster bridges: enjoy a dinner cruise on the Thames in the water.

New Orleans is known for hosting big parties and also houses one of the best New Year’s Eve fireworks in the United States. In “The Big Easy” the parties often continue until dawn, with live music in bars and clubs in the French Quarter. Last but not least, if you don’t like big parties, why not organize your own private party while celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rio?? And what better location can speed boat rental dubai you think of than sitting on a boat with your friends watching the famous fireworks for Copacabana beach in the front row?. You can board the harbor of Marina da Gloria around 10pm and sail to Copacabana beach while enjoying the beautiful Rio skyline at night. At midnight you will experience fireworks in the privacy of your own family and friends with the sea breeze flowing through your hair.

The multi-level annual event at Land Down Under, Sydney New Year’s Eve is an exciting experience. View the fireworks from a unique perspective and blinded behind the iconic Opera House and Sydney Harbor Bridge. Every year there are special music and lighting effects that create an impressive show. Watch this YouTube video and you will understand our excitement about Sydney New Year’s Eve (don’t forget to play the music)! Rent your own yacht around Sydney waters in December to experience an epic New Year’s Eve 2021 and enjoy Australia’s warm weather and beautiful waters. Sail along the coast in the Tasman Sea and watch whales, a great first activity you can do with your children in 2022.

Whatever your idea of a perfect New Year’s Eve party, you will find that the streets of the City of Light really come to life with thousands of people celebrating and dancing all night long with lots of champagne. In addition to the great show, the smallest fireworks can be legally bought and sold in Paris, which means you can experience a lot of color and sound all night long. In Hong Kong, you’ll find one of the best fireworks in the world, with incredible fireworks with a shower of lights and sounds over Victoria Harbor, as well as a countdown with a Times Square ball replica until midnight. If you want a good place to watch the show, make sure you get there early before the New Year officially starts. The best view can be found by boat from the water, but when you’re on land, the Avenue of the Stars at Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon or the bars in the Lan Kwai Fong district are also great places to celebrate.

Smuggler’s Cove and the famous Long Bay beaches are perfect places to sunbathe, while nature lovers can explore nature and take the most worthy photos of Instagram in Mount Sage National Park. You can rent a boat in Tortola to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your loved ones and stylish. Party and Phuket go hand in hand, and on New Year this tropical island in the Andaman Sea really gets its own land. A record number of superyachts have visited Phuket in recent years, attracting crystal clear water, luxury resorts and relaxed charm. When the New Year arrives, hotels along the west of the island organize spectacular fireworks, and those on board the superyachts get the best seat in the house.

Brazil’s cultural capital is best known for its noisy carnival, but the New Year’s celebrations are also unforgettable, with the city’s famous Copacabana beach with a range of events. The party features gigantic coastal environments, along with a wide variety of drum-filled music, quirky carnival-style costumes, traditional dance performances and fairground rides that entertain visitors all night. More than two million people fill the beach in a white mass and it is believed that color will bring good luck next year. They drink champagne, dance the samba and throw a handful of flowers into the ocean as a gift to Yemanja, the goddess of the seas. During the New Year countdown, a procession of boats unleashed thousands of dazzling fireworks across the ocean.

Call the captain of the hookboat rental in Miami, Florida to book your yacht charter in Miami, Florida at the end of the year. Bangkok is an exciting international city known for hosting a big party and one of the best in Asia on New Year’s Eve. December 31, Bangkok does its best for its party, with every bar and disco full of revelers, although the biggest event is in CentralWorld Square, where several hundred thousand people gather for a spectacular light show and live concert. Several restaurants offer rooftop dinners, including champagne and beautiful fireworks, while numerous lively beer gardens run along the streets. Families can also find a great place in Asiatique, an evening market for all ages that is one of the most popular places for the New Year’s countdown.