The Kürbisfest in Ludwigsburg includes a giant regatta of hollowed-out pumpkins in the lake of the local palace, as well as imposing sculptures made from pumpkins. This world-class music festival in Leipzig commemorates the life and work of the city’s most famous resident, Johann Sebastian Bach. Renowned artists from all over the world perform Bach’s classical masterpieces at historic sites such as the Thomaskirche, where Bach worked as a cantor for 27 years.

As the German name of the festival implies (the word Würste translates to “sausages”) many hearty dishes appear on the menu. Keep an eye out for bratwurst that are one and a half meters long, as well as steamed dumplings called Vaporfnudeln. Sometimes they are even served viaggi oktoberfest with a wine sauce, very appropriate because you are in the land of wine. Today, the tradition continues with fireworks and bonfires, but it has turned into a more fun event where participants dress up as witches and drink lots of beer and traditional German food.

This is the largest club festival in Europe and one of the most visited German music festivals. In addition to providing an unimaginable level of entertainment, the Reeperbahn Festival focuses on promoting emerging talent from all genres of music. The German Oktoberfest in Munich is perhaps the most legendary beer remnant on earth. This annual beer festival attracts a record audience of over 6 million, including locals and international tourists. People chew on thousands of roast chicken, grilled pork sausages and giant pretzels.

This website is maintained by German Foods North America, LLC, an independent importer and retailer based in Washington, DC. On the day of pole lifting, you can often parade a group of boys through the streets singing, dancing and drinking beer to their destination. The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious red carpet events in Europe. We’ve all heard the stereotypes that would lead us to believe that Germans are among the least nice people on the planet.

Want to explore Germany to the fullest while immersing yourself in these world-class German festivals? Contact the experts at Pickyoutrail for your holiday in Germany with a full touch of personalisation. They like to say that this festival brings the atmosphere of Ibiza to Germany for a day, because there are big beach parties with great DJs playing for them. If you get tired of dancing, the lake is also a popular and picturesque place for water sports.

You can find what you’re looking for at this festival, as long as it’s within electronic range: techno, trance, house, hardstyle, EDM and more. MAYDAY has been running for 30 years and is known for its immersive and incredible visuals, music and production quality. Indian Spirit is one of the right transformation festivals in Germany that focuses on psytrance and all that is spiritual. Along with music, you can expect vibrantly colored stages, tons of art and installations, crafts, markets, workshops, yoga, and more, all designed to lift the spirit. The festival lasts 5 days, so there’s plenty of time to see all they have to offer. While Germans certainly lean toward electronic music, there are festivals in Germany of every genre imaginable (is beer a genre? Yes, Oktoberfest is of course on the list!).