Radio Think Tank Talk – Social Networks Warping Society, A Revaluation of Importance

So here, October 24, 2012, we need to think about how much our society has changed over the last decade. In many ways this has not necessarily been for the better, and I would like to cite the example of social networking on the Internet because they seem to have greatly invaded our lives online, often ridiculing important issues and problems. our time. Social media led to the overthrow of governments, destabilized civilization and changed the outcome of elections. Our elections in the United States were inclusive.

However, is this pure negativity or have these social networks brought us closer together in other ways, so is this a pure positive? You see, the reality is that in any new technology, including social media, there is always good and bad. Today in this program I will prove that social networks are a serious problem for human society, and if this continues in the current direction, we will pay a high price for it in the future. We are now seeing a decline in productivity because employees are too busy chatting with friends and playing Facebook at work to really increase profits.

Billions of hours wasted each quarter damage business profits and revenues, and create problems with the workflow, customer service, and errors. We kill people on the road while users try to access their social networking sites, tweets or text messages while driving. In fact, as a cyclist, I’m afraid to ride more – too many short phone calls, and it seems that these text messages are more important to people than my life or even their own safety. “The other day I actually saw a bumper sticker,” he says. “Horn, if you love Jesus, write if you want to meet him,” and that’s briefly about the essence of the problem, right?

Indeed, I remember when I received my first text message, I thought it was rude since I sent detailed instructions and explanations to my colleague and he again sent me an email. ‘One suggestion, I didn’t know it was a text message from her mobile phone to my email address. I was so discouraged that I terminated the contract and called another employee.

Sometimes it amazes me how many people want to express their opinions about things they don’t know. They criticize, punish and display ignorance at every opportunity. They confuse the comments of patients with something else because their concentration is very small. Moreover, any attempt to correct them is only a “pearl for injection” because they do not understand or even want to understand. You see, they are so interested in notoriety and self-affirmation that they work so hard to advance the most socially responsible and politically correct argument, even if it is untrue or untrue.

One of the biggest and scariest things I’ve seen is how people who have never done anything in their lives are busy finding friends and thinking that once they have a lot of friends on their social media page, they’ll get better. The problem is that very few of these people are really friends and some are not even real. It gets worse when they run to compliment people in the hope that they will have more friends and followers, and follow others in the hope of having a mutual friend or fall into the sphere of influence of someone else. Now it’s all turned into one big junk fake joke.

However, these people now feel special because they have many photos of so-called friends and subscribers, but with what result? Some of those who associated with thousands of friends with dishonesty or untruths worked very hard to return people to “friends” false praise. They even assume that everyone needs a preliminary check. They read a book like “How to Make Friends and Influence People” or attend psychology classes in college and believe they can complete their journey into someone else’s life. What they don’t understand is that people who are actually affected don’t care what other people think, in fact any stupid compliment is a workaround, and you immediately see what it is and what it’s worth; No problem.

This does not mean that there is no money in social networks, so these game players are useless, because all this data is really worth something, and it can be a big machine for making money in the future. The future, so let’s talk about the business model and the challenges of the future?

While I’m talking to you, Facebook today announced its third quarter 2012 results, and it surpassed the low street ball estimate of one cent per share – a big shout, a jumper, but no one seems to indicate that it earns just $0.42 each. user in advertising every month — but do these advertisers really like this ad? However, Facebook needs to find more ways to make money, and we’ve heard a lot about online gambling offerings where it’s legal in the UK, and we’ve heard rumors about it. Entering mobile technology with your own mobile phone would be interesting. Be.

Indeed, Facebook is aware of the value of all this data that they have that is wrong, isn’t it just big data these days? The LA Times had an interesting article titled; “For Sale: Your Information” by David Lazarus, and I recommend you also read; “Facebook has the support of two major advertisers” Sheindy Rice, Mike Ramsey and Sam Shechner, who discussed the automotive industry and GM’s decision to stop advertising on Facebook because they didn’t have silver. Some Twitter users were paid to talk about Ford Taurus or Ford Hybrid Escape, which often earn tens of thousands of dollars per tweet.

It sounds crazy and a little pathetic when you think about it, but when it works for these companies and their Hollywood starlet of the month leads people to the Ford dealership, well, anyway, if it works; Come on, right? Facebook was making about $3 billion a year in advertising as of mid-2012 (quote: Wall Street Journal 2/5/2012 “Big Doubt about Facebook” by Suzanne Wranik and Sheindy Rice). However, a front-page WSJ article last month in September 2012 quoted the headline “Facebook Deficit” and noted that California hoped Facebook’s IPO would be significant and generate windfall tax revenue of $2.5 billion. That will help save the budget, but it did not happen.

Will Facebook shares collapse? Well, this may be due to the fact that there will be some insiders who can now sell their shares in late October and November, which may bring down the shares. This can trigger a collapse, or if losses decrease or if profit expectations remain in the uptrend, these stocks may reach the bottom and then rise again.

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