A healthy lunch doesn’t have to be a salad, as inspiration can certainly revolutionize any bowl of lettuce, sandwiches, grain bowls, or pasta mixes you already like. These delicious soup, sandwich and pasta recipes are proof that healthy lunches are much more than just a bed of vegetables. Many of our favorite healthy lunch ideas are makeup-friendly or reinvent leftovers you may already have in the refrigerator.

Serve on toasted whole wheat bread or with vegetables and crackers for a healthy meal. This is one of those easy lunch ideas that we focus on over and over again. Canned white beans become a spread for this vegetarian sandwich, while thickly sliced feta cheese offers something to sink your teeth into. Make these chicken fajita lunch bowls for healthy lunches throughout the week! Inspired by a Mexican bean salad, this recipe combines paprika, fried chicken breast and rice with a delicious fajita vinaigrette. The Greek chicken salad is fresh, healthy and delicious, full of classic Mediterranean flavors.

With fried chicken, fresh cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, quinoa leaves and basil, all sprinkled in a balsamic vinaigrette. This Buddha bowl recipe is full of healthy plant-based ingredients and works great for meal preparation! Customize it with your favorite vegetables and don’t forget to sprinkle with Check out this article on How to Grow Bananas from Seed the delicious tahini sauce. It’s official, I love a good hearty salad for lunch. It ticks all the boxes for an easy, healthy, and hearty meal that will guide you through the second half of the day. I have a full list of healthy salad recipes, but these are fan favorites that I guarantee you’ll love too.

Breakfast may be the first meal of the day, but easy lunch ideas are just as important. Despite what you may think, eating a healthy, delicious lunch every day doesn’t mean devoting your entire Sunday to meal preparation, and we’re here to prove it. Read on for simple lunch ideas and recipes you can make in minutes. If you want to go beyond your usual PB&J or chicken salad sandwich, try one of the sandwiches or wraps below! To make these healthy lunch recipes ahead of time, prepare the filling on the weekend. Then pick up and pack your sandwich each morning before you walk out the door.

A little mango makes a boring salad immediately appealing! The sweet, juicy goodness and exciting texture of the mango will set your salads apart from the average lettuce blends. Scroll through these creative mango salad recipes and never eat an unattractive salad again. Lentil soup is one of those healthy lunch ideas that are easy to make and don’t take long. Let’s finish with some healthy sweets for lunch!

These quick and easy lunch ideas are there to change your routine. Looking for a new and improved idea for a cold lunch? These ham and cheese roll-ups are as easy to prepare as they are tasty to eat. This quick and easy broccoli salad recipe is full of fresh ingredients with a homemade dressing and takes just 15 minutes to prepare. The best fresh salads offer a variety of ingredients, textures and flavors. Therefore, a naked salad is just an opportunity to get creative by adding one or two ingredients with a lot of appeal.

This American favorite is a power lunch mainstay and combines the best of our fresh pantry with a creamy mustard-based dressing. It’s ready from scratch in less than 20 minutes and is designed to make meal preparation easier at the start of the work week. Make the halloumi wraps that everyone loves, including kids and foodies! With halloumi cheese, red pesto (the store bought is fine), avocado and nuts, these wraps are full of flavor, ready in 20 minutes and super easy to make.