Difference Between Silicone Versus Tpe Sex Dolls

The reason now is that the TPE sex doll is made to some extent from thermoplastic material. They can be injected effortlessly to distort and remodel them. This feature causes them to lose consistency faster than silicone sex dolls.

All silicone dolls are made of silicone, except for the bones, which are sturdy wrists. Realistic adult dolls are advanced simulations of human tools. The oil often remains trapped in the wrist skin and in some internal parts due to the porosity of the TPE sex worms.

And if you find the need to clean them, the best thing to do is to do it easily. Incidentally, you can disinfect them without worrying about causing unjustified damage. Contrary to popular belief, the liquid does not penetrate into the skin of silicone dolls, making them fairly easy to clean. Her pure appearance is a dream for the eyes, but it also includes other senses such as touch. The feeling of her is extremely close to a real woman, rub your fingers close to her body and you probably won’t be able to tell the difference. The texture with its smooth and silky surface is also very similar to life.

We offer a wide variety of realistic sex dolls made of high quality silicone, designed with the utmost care. Silicone replicates the realistic touch of human skin, giving dolls the appearance and feel of a real person. Very durable for water and heat, silicone sex dolls will last much longer than elastomer-made thermoplastic wrists. It is also mechanically stronger and will contain powerful punches. Thanks to Silicone, you can now have hyper-realistic sex dolls that almost look like a real woman!

Have you ever seen those resilient rubber toys sold in toy stores across the country?? Well they are made of TPE so this is the perfect element to describe how TPE feels. As you can imagine, a sex doll made of life like sex doll TPE feels exceptionally realistic. Another major advantage of TPE is that it is considerably cheaper than silicone. This means that in most cases you pay less for a TPE sex doll above a silicone sex doll.

The company’s product technology has matured over the years and is currently one of the best on the market. BBdolls silicone sex dolls also look very real, complete with real hair implants. This realistic design gives you the real feeling and powerful orgasms. Perhaps the most common advantage is the improvement of sexual technique.

Whether you are looking for realistic size TPE, silicone, mini dolls or sex dolls, we are your best option. Our team ensures that you guarantee the best customer experience and ensures that we offer you the doll that suits you best. Silicone sex dolls are at the premium end of the market thanks to their realism, quality, weight and durability. If you’re looking for a sex doll that looks and feels like the real whole thing with hair implants, you need a silicone love doll.