7 Health Benefits Of A Happy Marriage

However, other single men have a higher mortality rate, despite the fact that their overall health level is no worse than that of married men. Although the relatively good health of married men provides a partial explanation for their longer life, no additional determining factors have yet been found. Contrary to conventional wisdom, which assumes that healthier men get married more easily than their less healthy partners, the study shows that healthier men actually get married later and postpone the new marriage. They get married earlier, divorce less often and remarry earlier after a divorce or the death of a spouse.

Unlike studies on alcohol and drug use, studies of the effect of marriage on weight and physical activity suggest that marriage can have negative effects on healthy behavior and promote a more sedentary lifestyle. Several rigorous studies find that marriage leads to modest weight gain for both men and women – usually averaging less than five pounds. Research into the effects of marriage on physical activity is less convincing because it is not based on a longitudinal analysis and does not fully match real sex doll the differences between those who get married and those who do not. Available data suggests that marriage can lead to a reduction in physical activity, especially for men. Married people are generally healthier than singles, measured by numerous health results. To investigate the complex relationship between marriage and health, this review looks at recent research, focusing on studies using rigorous statistical methods to investigate whether marriage is the cause of these better health outcomes.

Studies have even shown that couples in happy marriages previously helped a few start and maintain a new healthy habit. High levels of inflammation over a long period of time can lead to arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Baker’s research is consistent with a small but growing number of studies that point to the diverse health effects of marriage. For example, a study showed that marital stress can double a person’s risk of developing diabetes. Another study, outside of Sweden, showed that women in marital problems were three times more at risk of a second heart attack. And a third showed that positive marriage interactions can increase immunity and reduce the risk of heart disease by keeping stress hormones low.

As noted, the most reliable studies of the marriage-health links investigate measures immediately before and after marriage transitions. However, because a long life is only determined at the end of life, it is not possible to observe how a marriage transition changes its life. Some researchers have attempted to approach selection using other statistical techniques, but these studies provide less convincing evidence than studies of marital transitions.

When couples get married and both have company-sponsored health insurance, they have to decide whether to keep their insurance or whether one spouse joins the other’s plan. Possibly the biggest financial benefit of getting married is health insurance and the possibility of receiving benefits. If a person has access to company-sponsored health insurance, they can add his spouse to the policy at an additional cost.